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Freight Train Pro Kit (w/ Pro Engine)

Freight Train Pro Kit (w/ Pro Engine)

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The Freight Train w/ Pro Engine is a high-power thermal extraction heater. The heater body (or engine) is constructed of grade 2 titanium, and filled with 4mm ruby spheres. The screenless design of the engines means that these are the only two materials in the heat path of the device, making for clean and flavorful extraction.

The Pro Engine provides a dry material thermal extraction experience tailored for the consummate extractionist. The modified shower head creates the least restriction possible, allowing for maximum airflow. This also means it’s easier to get overpowered by its increased throughput, which is why its recommended for professionals only!

The Freight Train injector features a unique tapered finned design, that makes it compatible with most extraction chambers made for 18mm injectors. The Pro Kit comes with a glass extraction chamber made for the Freight Train’s 18mm injector, which has a 14mm male glass connector to fit right into your existing 14mm labware setup. (Extraction chambers for 18mm labware are also available separately) 

The Freight Train Pro kit comes with the Pro Engine (on a 100W heater coil with handle), along with a preinstalled coil guard, the Old Head PID controller needed to power the heater, a 14mm glass extraction chamber, as well as the titanium and oak Pro Stand.

- High-Power Heater! Use with caution!
- Exposed coil/element is extremely hot. Do NOT touch once powered on!
- Do not leave unattended while powered on!