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Freight Train - Fusion Engine Add-on Kit

Freight Train - Fusion Engine Add-on Kit

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The Freight Train w/ Fusion Engine is a high-power thermal extraction heater. The heater body (or engine) is constructed of grade 2 titanium, and filled with 4mm ruby spheres. The screenless design of the engines means that these are the only two materials in the heat path of the device, making for clean and flavorful extraction.

The Fusion Engine works just as the flower engine does (with a similar, albeit slightly less restriction to the airflow), with the additional ability to infuse essential oils into your thermal extractions.

There are generally two ways this works:

1) When extracting at lower temperatures (420F to 550F) you may find it best to simply leave the included quartz dish in the top of the Fusion Engine. This will keep the dish surface pretty close to the coil temperature. The dish can then simply be swabbed clean (while still in the engine) after use.

2) If you are extracting at higher temperatures (>590F) and using essential oils that call for lower temperature extraction, you may find it best to keep the dish on a heat-resistant surface aside from the Fusion Engine, loading it with 0.06g to 0.10g of oils and carefully dropping the dish into the top of the engine approximately 20 seconds before extraction (depending on your set temperature). In testing, with the temp set around 650F-690F, it takes somewhere around 24 seconds for the dish to reach 420F. You can adjust the wait time after dropping the dish in to accommodate your desired oil extraction temperature. After extraction the dish should be immediately removed from the engine, with caution, as it will be extremely hot. A pair of cotton swabs can be used remove the dish and place back on your nearby heat resistant surface where it can be carefully swabbed clean while it's still cooling down.

In either method, the included carb cap shouldn't be left on the engine for more than a minute when in use! (Beyond four minutes you may experience discoloration, possible damage to the handle, as well as possibly becoming too hot to handle with bare hands) 

Note: A 3mm ruby may be added to the quartz dish if you wish. The carb cap is designed to keep the air in the oil area moving in cyclic motion, which will keep the ruby moving.

The Freight Train injector features a unique tapered finned design, that makes it compatible with most extraction chambers made for 18mm injectors. The Starter Kit comes with a glass extraction chamber made for the Freight Train’s 18mm injector, which has a 14mm male glass connector to fit right into your existing 14mm labware setup. (Extraction chambers for 18mm labware are also available separately)

Note: If you aren't overloading the dish in the oil chamber, you may find it beneficial to swab out the inside of the injector while the unit is on every so often. If you do overload the oil chamber you may find you need to swab it after every few extractions.

The Add-on Kit comes with a Fusion Engine (on 100W coil with handle) ready to plug into your Old Head or Auber PID, as well as a carb cap, and quartz dish.

- High-Power Heater! Use with caution!
- Exposed coil/element is extremely hot. Do NOT touch once powered on!
- Do not leave unattended while powered on!
- Carb cap and quartz dish also become extremely hot when in use! Use with caution!